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Alter FL und ISOGARD. TOTAL Feuerschutz GmbH is recognized as a pioneer in the development for fire fighting techniques. After the foundation 1912 in Berlin, the German Imperial Patent Office patented the first "Quick Dry Extinguisher" of the TOTAL company. This extinguishing method revolutionized fire fighting and is considered to be the precursor of all today´s fire extinguisher.


The experience gained in the construction and use of portable extinguishers was utilized in the design of larger extinguishing systems. In 1923 TOTAL introduced the first powder truck. A revolutionary step at the time.


FW Bully. Additional innovative developments followed with the AIR  FOAM extinguishing principle - introduced in the 1930´s. After the relocation from Berlin to Ladenburg in 1945, TOTAL introduced in the 1950´s the combined foam/powder system.


Altes Löschmittelgebäude. In the 1950´s TOTAL started a separate manufacturing division for vehicle components, as a result of continuous improvements in the quality of extinguishing powders and in mastering the equipment.

In 1998 TOTAL introduced the new generation of fire extinguisher with the ISOGARD, a combination of functional design and the most possible extinguishing efficiency.

Since February 2002 TOTAL belongs to the American exchange operating company Tyco International LTD.