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Wheelmark - Approval

A quality sign for marine business

Wheelmark 3. Security stands particularly in the first place on seegoing vessels. Especially the equipment of fire extinguishers belongs to this aim.

Wheelmark 2. We attach great importance to your security. For this reason our special attention lies on the observance of rights and approval regulations next to quality and reliability.

You are invited to use our know-how and protect both: crew and ship property.


TOTAL special extinguisher approvals

Wheelmark. In the following you find a listing with all fire extinguishers, which became certified by maritime Berufsgenossenschaft as marine equipment. They correspond to the guideline 96/98/EG are approved according SOLAS 74/88 chapter II-2 regulation and have the Wheelmark permission for seegoing vessels.

Dry chemical powder
Stored pressure type:

GD 2 N     821.069

GD 6 N     821.054

GD 9 N     821.082

GD 12 N   821.056

FX 6         821.221

FX 9         821.382

FX 12       821.222

Cartridge operated type:

GX 6         822.273

GX 12       822.257

GS 6         822.047

GS 12       822.048

Cartridge operated type:

S 9 N        822.291

Carbon Dioxide

K 5           823.018   (Aluminum container)

K 5           823.075   (Steel container)

Stored Pressure type:

WD 9        821.234


Cartridge operated type:

W 9          822.140