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LED’s have a working life of 1000´s of hours continuous use!

Lucido LED-lights

Lucido cool light introduced the new generation of light

Lucido1. If you need to be going all nights long, your portable lighting system has no energy to waste: Lucido cool light introduced the new generation of light that uses LED technology to brighten-up your hours of darkness with an unmatched condition – up to one month of non-stop operation!

Awarded the European Outdoor Award – Innovation Prize 2000/2001.


The 340 hour test:

lucido6. Lucido versus a normal torch! The Lucido Lightwave shone for 340 hours (equal to 14 days) without a change of batteries and still gave off enough light to read by.
A conventional torch with a lightbulb during this time needed around 114 batteries! This means that with the Lucido you can save upto Euro 125,- before you even need to change any batteries! As well as this you save the environment up to 97% of hazardous waste!


LED Light is better Light

lucido7. Lucido cool light will do a considerably better job of lighting up a room. In contrast to a spotlight or a focused light such as in a conventional torch, there are no rings of sharp black and yellow, or a tight central spot with dark areas all around it. Thanks to the more even, ambient lighting of the Lucido which diffuses the light, it is much easier to make out detail all around - an advantage in almost any situation from walking a dog to repairing a puncture! Finally the light spectrum of the Lucido cool light is closer to the spectrum of the sunlight so when viewing printed colours, they appear as they are rather than corrupted by the hard yellowish light of a conventional torch.


Lucido T61

lucido3. Combines high beam Halogen Spot with ambient LED light. Ergonomically designed, high luminosity, minimal weight and incredible functions. Ambient light use with 6 white high effciency LED´s. Then in the centre of the Lucido T61 is a HPX-bulb (High Pressure Xenon), for use when long distance viewing is essential! A red LED is positioned on the back of the head torch for walking off the hill or along the road. Total use is up to 300 hours on lowest LED use or up to 3,5 hours in continuous Halogen high beam operation. Takes 3 x AA batteries (not included). 105 grams without batteries. Showerproof. The rear battery case is also removable to keep it warm and increase battery life or when you´re running. Off mode batteries 100 % off for travel and optics protected from scratching. Standby mode. With an adjustable angle for a wide beam you can use up to 6 LED´s or the halogen long distance over ride – whichever the situation demands. Rear light of 1 red LED for safety. Functions: Power mode (using the high beam), Day-to-Day ambient mode (6 LED´s on), Reading mode (energy savings of 2 LED´s), SOS-mode – emergency signal repeated for weeks on one set of batteries, battery check. Art.No. 924.038


Lucido T4

lucido4. The same robust and long lasting technology as the Lucido Lightwave 2000, but in a head torch. High powered light through 4 electronically controlled high powered LED´s. Unbreakable plastic casing with resistance to cold, waterproof up to 1 metre. Stays lit for around 340 hours, which means 14 days of being continually switched on with enough light to read by adjustable direction of light beam. Waterproof up to 1 m. Art.No. 924.037


Lucido C7

lucido2. Art.No. 924.035 



Lucido C10

lucido5. Art.No. 924.036

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